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27:4 How to beat feast and famine

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

It’s the age old agency problem. You work hard to win the project, and then you are all hands on deck for delivery. In the meantime the sales pipeline gets neglected and before long there is too much month at the end of the money.

Matt Davies - Funnel Packs


Matt Davies

Funnel Packs

As a result, you and your team begin scrambling for new business and become less and less fussy about what projects you undertake. Like a black hole, this cycle feels impossible to escape as it sucks you in.

Today we talk with Matt Davies who shares how he and his partner broke the hold that feast and famine had on their business. He shares how he and Mel generated qualified leads through specially designed funnels that attracted the right sort of clients that would pay the right price. They have since gone on to show their own clients how they too can do this for their businesses.

Listening to community feedback, Matt and Mel found that making time to create lead magnets and funnels for agency owners is a huge issue, especially those locked in the sales pipeline battle. They decided to create a solution which would allow agency owners to create a funnel in their lunch break.

A truly groundbreaking idea, and an awesome episode… Enjoy!

Funnel Packs

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