How developers can become designers

Episode 166 - Featuring

September 10, 2018

166 - How developers can become designers

Do you feel your design skills suck? Do you get stressed designing/building a website because you don’t know where to start or you lack the confidence in your ability?

You are not alone. Web developers around the world struggle with this problem. We come from a coding background so information layout and design can often seem like a skill only available to the gifted.

Piccia Neri shares her expertise and resources on how you can learn to approach design, design systems and more. Piccia is a design and UX expert. She’s an experienced art historian with an amazing journey into design, branding and UX. This episode is not to be missed!

What is design?

  • Start with the problem before you consider the design.
  • Design starts with empathy, you are solving their problem by stepping in their shoes to understand their issues.
  • Design isn’t just about styling things (CSS).
  • You need to be creative about finding solutions.
  • By solving problems you are already a designer. You can learn to solve problems visually.
  • Give reason for a design – there always needs to be a reason and not just on a whim.
  • Good design is good marketing – the aim of a good designer is to make the things that you want to happen, happen.

Connect with Piccia

Website – click here
Design for Geeks Website – click here
Facebook Group – click here


Gestalt principle – click here

Joe Natoli – click here

Interaction Design Foundation – click here

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