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21:6 How developers can become designers

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Do you feel your design skills suck? Do you get stressed designing/building a website because you don’t know where to start or you lack the confidence in your ability?

Piccia Neri  - Piccia Neri


Piccia Neri

Piccia Neri

You are not alone. Web developers around the world struggle with this problem. We come from a coding background so information layout and design can often seem like a skill only available to the gifted.

Piccia Neri shares her expertise and resources on how you can learn to approach design, design systems and more. Piccia is a design and UX expert. She’s an experienced art historian with an amazing journey into design, branding and UX. This episode is not to be missed!

What is design?

  • Start with the problem before you consider the design.
  • Design starts with empathy, you are solving their problem by stepping in their shoes to understand their issues.
  • Design isn’t just about styling things (CSS).
  • You need to be creative about finding solutions.
  • By solving problems you are already a designer. You can learn to solve problems visually.
  • Give reason for a design – there always needs to be a reason and not just on a whim.
  • Good design is good marketing – the aim of a good designer is to make the things that you want to happen, happen.

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