Getting things “DoneDone”

Season 45 - Episode 1 | Featuring Michael Sanders

September 2, 2022

🎙 Michael shares his agency journey from musician to Co-founder of DoneDone

Project and task management are key to any WordPress agency. For the last year at Trailblazer FM, we’ve been using DoneDone as our Basecamp replacement! We connected with Michael to learn more about how DoneDone was born.

Michael shares how they balanced client work and the development and launch of the original DoneDone Classic, which began as a bug tracker. He shares how they evolved the product with a new version. And how they attracted people to the product and much more.

One of my biggest takeaways was to do things simply and well. I was also impressed by their ethos of receiving customer feedback and only making changes to the product that made sense. You can check out their roadmap here.

Check out DoneDone on: www.donedone.com

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