Getting past the gatekeeper

S40-E1 - Featuring Lee Matthew Jackson

May 5, 2021

Getting past the gatekeeper

The battle of the gatekeeper is often the most fought by agency owners. When trying to connect with small to medium enterprises, you will often be greeted by an overzealous assistants or team members who tend to be super protective of their managers time and will often become the blocker to further communication.

In this episode we discover ways to get past the gatekeeper in order to connect with the decision makers… but… with a twist!

In order to keep this simple I am going to take you through our standard workflow:

  • Identify the right gatekeeper/influencer
  • Connect with them
  • Develop rapport
  • Seek their input
  • Get their support
  • Ask for the introduction

Oh and stay tuned as despite the title of this episode, there is a twist at the end!

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