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33:8 Getting better support

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

A product or service is more often than not measured by the quality of support provided. The reputation of a company can be its downfall should it provide poor after care. Yet I think there are ways that we can improve the support we get from the products that are essential to our business by changing our own attitude towards seeking help.

We are just as responsible for the level of support we receive from our service providers as they are. In this episode I’m going to explore both sides of the situation, and lay out a plan for giving and receiving a better support experience.

If you want to improve the support you provide, or get better service from your providers, this episode is for you.

We unpack:

  • A day in the life of a support ticket cruncher
  • Repetitive
  • Stressful
  • Thankless
  • The point an agency reaches out for help
  • Tried everything
  • Being chased by the client
  • Feeling desperate
  • Our problem solving process
  • Define the problem
  • Search
  • Documentation
  • Groups (Reddit/FB etc)
  • Support ticket
  • How we submit our support tickets
  • Polite
  • Clear
  • Share what we’ve tried
  • Show supporting articles
  • Make suggestions if known
  • Ask for lead time


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