14:4 The Future Of WP Innovator - Lee Matthew Jackson
14:4 The Future Of WP Innovator - Lee Matthew Jackson

14:4 The Future Of WP Innovator

It is time we talk about the future of WP Innovator. There are some significant changes happening and I want to share our plans with you, the community.

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

It is time we talk about the future of WP Innovator. There are some significant changes happening and I want to share our plans with you, the community.

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Lee Matthew Jackson

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I launched Angled Crown over 4 years ago to solve a problem that I knew agencies had.

  • poor code
  • stressful projects
  • freelancers disappearing
  • budgets blown
  • scope creep

To help develop my personal brand to bring exposure to the business, as well as to be able to help a wider range of agencies and developers, I launched the WP Innovator podcast and recently started creating videos with advice for agencies.

We’ve focused many years on WordPress, however the content has evolved to focus predominantly on agency life and how we can improve:

  • project management
  • lead generation
  • agency growth
  • and so much more

WordPress is just one of the tools that can make agency life easier, and my original passion for helping agencies with their business has grown and flourished as we’ve developed our message over the years.

We now have had thousands upon thousands of downloads over the last two years and have received so many messages from agency owners who’s lives have been changed by the content we’ve been creating and sharing.

This leads me to our why. I launched Angled Crown with a very specific mission: To make agency life enjoyable. To help agencies deliver projects and be profitable.

This mission has evolved into one very simple statement:

We help business owners love their agency again

This passion developed as a result of some very dark times in my life during the global crash. We were able to pivot our agency and grow from strength to strength. That journey changed me forever and led me to launch Angled Crown to help and support agencies around the world.

I was recently a part of a summit where I was looking to establish plans for 2018. Much of the summit I was reminded over and over what drives me and our businesses.

I want to help as many agencies around the world fall in love with their business again. I want to see lives changed, smiles on faces, people spending more time with their family, and end to 18 hour days, agencies with clients who respect them.

Then it happened. One line hit me square in the eyes:

In order to build influence, you must be seen to sell

Let me give you some background.

As long as I operate the WP Innovator podcast as is, I am limiting the amount of people that I can reach, and support. I have to operate the day to day business and only give a small amount of time to the podcast and the youtube channel.

In order to build influence, and in order to be able to finance being able to help people all around the world, we are about to do something VERY different.

Before I tell you, let me get 2 things straight:

The podcast is still going to exist and be free This group is still going to exist and be free

So here is the plan.

Let’s start with the name. WP Innovator is a cool name, but by in it’s nature does not represent what we are about any more. It simply represents a portion of what we do.

Therefore we are rebranding the podcast to:

Trailblazer FM Podcast

It’s not actually that much of a leap. Let’s read the dictionary’s definition of “Trailblazer”

a person who makes a new track through wild country.
a person who is the first to do something; an innovator.

Many agency owners and founders are frustrated at where they are, and they want to make massive change in their business. We are here to help them blaze a new trail through the agency landscape.

Also, we can have SO much fun with the branding with plenty of nod and winks to the great move west back in old time America.

But that’s not alllllllllll….

What happens to WP Innovator group you say!?


The WP Innovator Facebook group is an awesome place for agency owners as well as freelancers to share information, support each other and to share gifs.

It is a pleasure to login every day and have fun with you all. (Larissa will likely point out that I never actually log out!!!!)

The name WP Innovator will continue to represent our community and the WordPress branch of the Trailblazer brand. After all trailblazer represents someone who innovates. Therefore WP Innovator is a good strong name to represent this amazing community.

But there is more

If I havent said it before, I’ll say it again. We are on a mission to help agencies fall in love with their business again.

To do this, we are launching a brand new paid community which will contain:

  • The agency reset track, a roadmap to resetting your agency and setting it up for success
  • 20 – 30 minute, no BS workshops covering essential subjects for agency growth from key influencers around the world.
  • forum for accountability, growth reporting, masterminding and more
  • monthly mastermind calls with myself
  • opportunities to record podcast coaching calls direct with me
  • special offers on live events
  • and so much more when I’ve thought of it😉

Key Influencers in the community include:

Sarah Moore – video and social expert Kim Doyal – everyone’s internet mom and content and marketing legend Jeffery Patch – maintenance expert David Foy – WordPress legend Paul Lacey – Agency strategist Todd Jones – Content specialist Walt Spence – Expert developer Mike Doyle – Animation guru

The aim of this community to to enable us to help as many people as possible whilst adding even more value to the free content that we do.

Right now, most of our time is consumed on major projects. This is a one to one relationship where we can only help a few people. The strategy here is to be able to finance a platform that will enable us to help many people.

We will be giving extra special personal attention to those in the paid community, whilst being financed to create more awesome freely available content to continue to spread our message of hope for the stressed out agency owner.

This group will be called the Agency Trailblazer community and I wanted to tell you folks first because you’ve all been a part of the growth of this movement.

The doors will open on the 1st of January 2018. Will be launching with an introductory price for the first 200 people only and will then close the doors for a few months.

This price will be $49 a month or $299 per year. Once we hit the 200 mark, the doors will close, and we will never ever offer these prices again.

Nothing grinds my gears more than seeing internet marketers tell me a price will expire then I see it again the following week.

This price will enable us to welcome founder members who can help shape the community into something of beauty. You will influence the direction we go in as we work together to grow your agency, and reignite your passion.

Our regular prices next year will likely be $99 per month or $999 per year.

I am not selling anything today. However Larissa is going to post a link to our pre-launch page. This will allow you to sign up to be notified when this goes live. We will send you WP Innovators advanced notice of when its all about to kick off.

We will also have affiliate partners from around the world sharing this with their audiences, so I want to ensure our community have the opportunity to hear about this and be a part of it.

If you don’t want to join, that is cool, you are a valuable part of the WP Innovator community and you still influence the podcast, and our ongoing message. We’ll still all be here in the group. You can still PM me.

The Trailblazer community will be a part of our business model that will help fund what we do, and allow us to help those who want to shift into agency life, or change what they are doing.

Larissa has now posted the link, so if you are interested, do get on the list and we’ll be drip feeding you information right up until launch day.

I’m SUPER excited to be doing this, and really appreciate everyones support and kind words as we’ve been planning this.

So innovators….. What say you? Let’s have some questions. Until the let me do some interpretive dance.

Now it is time…. to fall in love again.


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