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How to create a blog post in minutes

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Writing a blog can be really hard. One of the things we often find ourselves doing is staring at a blank page trying to work out the perfect opening line, or perhaps we’ll get halfway through the blog and being self-critical, want to start again, reword it or restructure it. It’s really tempting to keep hacking at the document until you’ve got what you think is the perfect blog. The thing is, that is really time consuming and there is a better way, here is how we write a blog post in minutes:

We’ve discovered that it’s far easier to get an app on your phone and record your voice whilst walking or in a relaxed environment or even during a meeting where you’re talking in a natural way about the subject that you are an expert on. For example today, it’s 6AM and I’m walking through the village where I live listening to the birds sing, nodding politely at dog walkers and “writing” a blog simply by talking into this voice recording app. When I finish talking this particular blog, I will send the MP3 recording somebody to transcribe who will send it back to me for review.

My job then simply becomes the editor. I edit the text that’s been sent over to me, maybe add in a couple of lines that I might have forgotten to mention during this recording and maybe polish up some of the order, if I really need to. Then I’ll find an awesome picture, create some image with Canva and then I’ll publish this post.

Take a moment and think back to yourself talking in a meeting. You must drop tonnes of little bits of really valuable information packets when you’re discussing things either with colleagues or with clients. For example, they ask you a question… If you think about how easy those answers flow from your mind in really well formed succinct paragraphs, because of the confidence you have in your subject, then you could reflect that straight into your blog on a daily basis simply by using this technique.

To wrap up, if you make a habit of recording short blog posts as you come up with the ideas, and also record snippets of meetings, you can quickly create a library of blog posts to use over a few weeks. Your time investment is simply a short conversation. Cost for transcription is pennies (for example see As a result you have saved hours in front of your computer, and your blog posts come directly from you the expert rather than attempting to outsource.

If you have any questions, let us know and we’d be really interested to see if you’ve been able to use this technique to your advantage. Get commenting.



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