Cancel a subscription

Season 43 - Episode 4 | Featuring Lee Matthew Jackson

April 28, 2022

Cancel a subscription

Unlock the profits in your agency

💡  This episode's action is to cancel at least one subscription you no longer need.

With the busy pace of agency life, it is easy to let things slide. Before you know it you’ve amassed a range of subscriptions that are costing your agency money, eroding your profitability and not adding any value. We’ve saved thousands by reviewing what we use. How much could you save?


We often fall into the trap of selling more, doing more and increasing our prices in order to increase profitability. Cutting costs is an often overlooked tool agencies can take advantage of right now. You can start saving today.


It’s so easy to add new subscriptions at the moment, then to lose track. Heres how we fixed that:

  • Get a report of all regular payments
  • Find one or more subscriptions you do not use.
    • Sanity check use cases
    • Backup any needed data
    • Cancel
  • Find one or more subscriptions where you do not feel you utilise all its features
    • Sanity check use cases
    • Find alternatives
    • Transfer data
    • Cancel
  • Review quarterly


We now save £1000s a year on software and subscriptions we were not using. We are more efficient and effective with the tools we have as we are conscious of their use cases.


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One Comment

  • Itís nearly impossible to find experienced people on this subject, but you sound like you know what youíre talking about! Thanks


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