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5:5 An Insight Into Business Networking

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

How do online web business generate leads through networking? Learn how we network as a web agency, both locally, through conferences and online.

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Networking to generate leads

Where do we network?

  • local
  • conferences
  • online

What do you do at a networking meeting?

  • make friends
  • ask questions
  • learn about other business
  • look for opportunities to refer others, to help others

The 60 second pitch? What should we do?

  • start with name
  • company name
  • what problem you solve
  • who you solve the problem for
  • a sample story
  • finish with name and company name reminder

Get social…

  • meet with other people in business socially and make friends
  • make friends on facebook and be a part of their lives. You can make great friends which is what lifes all about! 😊

Networking online?

  • groups
  • add value
  • have a laugh and make friends
  • enjoy some banter
  • start connecting with some of the people outside of the group
  • Ive found great suppliers and clients online through this

Network online with the WP Innovator:

Let’s practice. Meet is at the Facebook group on


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