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How to build your audience (and why you need to)

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

In order to build influence, generate leads and grow our agencies need to build an audience. An audience is a group of people that are aware of you and whom consume your content.

As you build your platform and attract your ideal customers (your audience) you will find you begin to generate leads to your services and sales to your products*.

I am going to share with you:

# What is an audience – Those that are aware of you, your message, your brand and your products/services.

# Your audience avatar – Your ideal client. The persons that have the problems you solve and would benefit the most from your information and your products/services/

# Content creation – Focusing on creating content that gives your audience quick wins and helps them on their journey whilst also becoming a person of value they gravitate towards.

# Content promotion – Our content needs to be promoted. We can do this through targeted ads, being a guest for other communities, speaking and more.

# Calls to action – Your content should educate, demonstrate your persona and include clear calls to action. What action should your audience member take as a result of consuming that piece of content?

# Reviewing and evolving – As you develop your platform, build your audience and get to know your tribe you well get a better understand of their needs. This allows you to evolve and refine your messaging to continue to attract your ideal clients.

Over the years I’ve seen businesses try to promote themselves via the audience of other people. They will hijack Facebook groups, comment threads and other platforms. Results from these tactics are limited and they begin to develop the wrong image in a community. The best way to generate leads/sales for their product/service is to invest in building their tribe.

Key takeaways: Show up, add value, build your community, nurture and grow.



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