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5:3 Niche WordPress Websites

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Meet Mark Asquith who has successfully launched a niche WordPress web business, providing web build platform to podcasters around the world! Yep, we’ve mentioned this idea a few times on the podcast, and here is a guy who has a success of it. Sit back, relax, enjoy the show, but then get back up afterwards and start planning your launch!😊

Mark Asquith  -


Mark Asquith

"That British Podcast Guy"

Warning! The odd expletive sneaks it’s way in. His accent though makes them musical!😃

The Niche Platform:

Here it is! Podcast Websites

They found an industry, defined the problems, and created a WordPress based solution. Boom! Inspiring to say the least.

WordPress Plugins:

Yoast (The old favourite):

Yep Mark, everyone says that! But we loved your description and back story!

Plus he advises get a good backup plugin. Can’t agree more!

Connect With Mark:

Podcast Websites:

PW’s Twitter:

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His Podcast:

His Agency:

Hacksaw Twitter:

Home number: 01374, #Kidding.


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