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15:3 Building An Agency Abroad

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Ever dreamed of building an agency in a far and distant land? Martin Suttill has done just that, and had a fascinating journey getting there. The exciting thing is, he’s not finished yet and is in the process of designing their new office!

Martin Suttill - 54 Solutions Ltd.


Martin Suttill

54 Solutions Ltd.

54 Solutions have grown a strong local client base in Peru and have found ways to offer services beyond the standard web build.

In this episode

  • Martin shares their employee onboarding process
  • Touches on the importance of understanding the data behind the design
  • Highlights client communications
  • Discusses giving value for money
  • Shares how sometimes the bigger agencies get the credit for his teams work
  • And way more than we could possibly list 😉

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