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2:2 The Best Ideas Stick

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

We have an amazing episode with you with Russ Perry. He has launched a business that comes at design in a whole different way. Russ is also a WordPress geek and has some great tools to share.

Russ Perry  - Design Pickle


Russ Perry

Design Pickle

Action You Can Apply Today:

Create environments where you are not distracted.Example a coffee shop, in the park, wherever to give yourself the ability to come up with solutions.Remember too that the best ideas stick. Don’t panic about writing it all down!


We covered a lot here:Cal Newport Blog: Work Book: Hour Work Week: Pickle:

WordPress Plugins:

Pretty Links: that made me face-palm. Use it for your scheduling service in case you change your scheduler in the future!

Connect With Russ:

Website: Twitter: DesignPickle


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