How To Be Confident In Your Pricing

S13-E3 - Featuring Pete Everitt

October 20, 2017

How To Be Confident In Your Pricing

Pricing projects is both rocket science and a difficult as rolling jelly up a hill! Lee and Pete share their experiences of pricing and projects in agency life. They unpack a range of thought processes about pricing including the controversial “essence of a true deal” concept. “The essence of a true deal is when neither party is truly satisfied.”

Some of the personal views expressed:

(These are opinions not fact)

If they can’t afford your price then don’t meet them in the middle – help them find someone else they can afford.

Talk about money upfront. Understand their expectations in terms of budget. otherwise you will give a whole load of value before you even know if they can afford it.

Understand your value. What is value that you are happy to give away for free time and time again to people.  There is a difference between people that can’t afford you and those who have a higher budget that want to knock some money off.

The essence of a true deal is when neither party is truly satisfied.


Any opportunity is an opportunity to further yourself. Even if it leads nowhere you get to learn from that experience for the future.

Never trust just one stream of income as you are putting all your eggs in one basket.

Feedback can be scary but it can also make you grow. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Push on and get some feedback.

Connect with Pete:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/petejeveritt/

Twitter: @petejeveritt Website: http://www.so-theagency.com

Email: [email protected]

Company Twitter: @SO_TheAgency

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